Friday, August 14, 2015

Secretarial services - start a secretarial service business

Product name: Secretarial Business In A Box
Author/developer: Leva Duell
Domain name:

"The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box has really helped to instill confidence in my talents. I have opened a publishing business and have included secretarial services as part of what we offer. Your information has been priceless. The most important to me was how to price my services." Cathey Pavlikian, NC

"One pricing tip alone will add 45% to my income this year." - Nancy Johnson, CA
" ... Another very important aspect of the business that Leva goes over very well is pricing and how to get paid for your work . This was very hard for me. I was having so much fun and felt guilty for charging a fee. I would have really undersold myself and thus lost my business if I hadn’t read and followed Leva’s guidelines on pricing." Sharon Graves, Orange County, CA


If you know how to type, you can provide secretarial services from home.
This is an excellent start-up kit for secretarial services. Click here for more information about how to start a secretarial service.